BANK Evaluations


Evaluations are NOT Appraisals.....

Title XI appraisal regulations require regulated institutions to obtain evaluations for commercial and residential real estate-related financial transactions of $500,000 or less. Evaluations must be consistent with safe and sound banking practices unless the institution chooses to obtain an appraisal for such transactions.

Evaluation requests will service your needs for loan renewals at a much lower cost than a traditional appraisal. *Appraisals are required for 1-4 family residential transactions over $400,000, commercial real estate-related transactions over $500,000 and QBLs over $1,000,000.

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Inspections can be included with an evaluation at the client’s request; however, it may increase the assignment fee. If a client chooses to perform their own inspection, they must personally inspect the subject property and upload photos of the subject. The photos must be clear enough to illustrate the type of construction and property condition.

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